Thank you, Oak Bay!

Thank you to the voters of Oak Bay, my supporters, and contributors to my campaign for a second term on Council. I am so grateful for your support, and excited to return to the work of Council.

My goals for my second term are to make Oak Bay more walkable and safer for cyclists of all ages and ability, even more appealing as a place to eat and shop, and most of all, more affordable for families, and seniors wanting to age-in-place. I want to do all this while doing what I enjoy most, engaging with my community.

The Official Community Plan (OCP) has been updated over the last term, and Council will now work closely with the community on modernizing our outdated building bylaws and zoning regulations. I will do this keeping inclusion, sustainability, and social well-being in mind. With these efficiencies in place, Council can spend less time on minor variances and instead focus on renewal of infrastructure, and important policy improvements.

A sustainable Oak Bay includes rethinking standards that did not anticipate climate change, or the challenges of downloaded responsibilities, without change in our tax base.

We must prioritize safer pedestrian and cycling routes for all ages to encourage active transportation and tourism. I want more children able to safely, comfortably bike and walk to school. An active community is also a happier, safer, healthier, more connected community.

Oak Bay can be a model of aging-in place, active lifestyles, intergenerational connection, and vibrancy.

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