Big Ideas

Community Engagement – Active Transportation Choices – Sustainable Oak Bay

Community Engagement

Building Community by connecting with our neighbours

  • The Official Community Plan has been updated through community engagement over the last three years. The next Council will again work closely with the community on modernizing our building bylaws and zoning, keeping inclusion, sustainability, and social well-being in mind.

“I have gained a strong sense of community through my work with Council, and I think we can only get better with an energetic, open, and inclusive process that recognizes citizen engagement as its best resource.”


Active Transportation Choices

Improving cycling and walking safety

  • Oak Bay an integral part of the Capital Regional District’s Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan, and we must prioritize safer pedestrian and cycling routes for healthy commuters of all ages, and improve our multi-use trail network to encourage active transportation and tourism.
  • If you walk or cycle to shop, eat, or run errands, you are more likely to do so close to home, which means you are supporting local business, and local families in the process.
  • Oak Bay is perfect for choosing active, healthy transportation, because it’s quiet, fair-weathered, and compact. When we choose to walk and cycle, and leave the car at home, we save wear and tear on the roads, protect our environment, and make the roads safer for children and us all.

“I am part of the 8% of Oak Bay that rides a bike to work regularly. The Capital Regional District’s studies say that there’s the potential for an additional 60% in commuter cyclists, as long as we build better infrastructure to ensure that tentative riders feel safe. We should phase in their recommendations, by building complete streets (it’s more than just bike lanes), and make the roads safer for everyone.”


Sustainable Oak Bay

Planning with the environment and affordability in mind

  • Oak Bay has begun to secure our fair share of funding for infrastructure projects, and we must continue to seek out grants, and partnerships so that we can plan ahead, and make our increasingly critical long-term infrastructure projects affordable and sustainable.
  • The new Official Community Plan provides the next Oak Bay Council the opportunity to continue it’s work with the community to update the outdated regulations to allow for modernization, and greening of our building bylaws. A sustainable Oak Bay includes rethinking old standards that did not anticipate climate change, wasting of energy, and how we could reduce our consumption, or recycle precious resources.

“I’ve walked or cycled through nearly every street in Oak Bay and I love the history and natural beauty of our community. But with that history comes aging pipes and crumbling roads that need to be fixed and maintained. I will work hard to preserve Oak Bay’s charm, keep it affordable for families and seniors, while ensuring we are leaders in building a sustainable, active, inclusive community.”